Sample Art Direction and Visualization Project Samples of Art Direction in which Scott Over-The-Shoulder art directed some of the top story-board artists in the industry in order to derive a consistent look from various hands. Notice how the art, by many artists, holds the look and that the final film frames, for the film which Scott directed, hold up extremely close to the original concept art: STAR-RANGER1 STAR-RANGER2 STAR-RANGER-3 STAR-RANGER-4 STAR-RANGER-5 STAR-RANGER-6 STAR-RANGER-7 STAR-RANGER-8 STAR-RANGER-9 STAR-RANGER-10 STAR-RANGER-11 STAR-RANGER-12 STAR-RANGER-13 STAR-RANGER-14 STAR-RANGER-15 STAR-RANGER-16 STAR-RANGER-17 STAR-RANGER-18 STAR-RANGER--18 STAR-RANGER-19 STAR-RANGER-20 STAR-RANGER--20 STAR-RANGER-21 STAR-RANGER-22 STAR-RANGER-23 STAR-RANGER-24 STAR-RANGER-25 STAR-RANGER-26 STAR-RANGER-27 STAR-RANGER-28 STAR-RANGER-29 For this Project, Scott won Best Producer/Director in a national awards contest.