Their Attack Tactics

Obama Administration White House officials and Steven Chu Department of Energy (DOE) offices, financiers and staff attacked Victims using CIA-Class technologies and techniques better suited for a third world crumbling nation.

Why did they engage in these attacks?

Because they thought that a multi-billion dollar insider trading scheme that they were operating, was about to be revealed and interdicted.

If a Special Counsel had been appointed during the Obama Administration, Barack Obama, and six U.S. Senators would have been forced to resign and multiple arrests of Silicon Valley oligarchs may have taken place. In fact, because of these crime revelations the U.S. Attorney General, The Secretary of Energy, 28 White House executives and a large number of senior FBI executives were fired!

The news headlines are now rife with contemporary revelations about Obama-DNC kick-back schemes re: Solyndra, Abound, Uranium One, Fisker, Tesla, Google and other corrupt criminal crony payola scams.

Here is a list of politicians who we reported the crimes to and who refused to help and ran cover-ups.

It is a severe felony to use actual CIA resources, via State and Federal agencies, against fellow citizens in order to gain a business edge because Victims had efficient competing technology or to execute personal vendettas like the Obama Federal, New York and California senior government officials did. Victims have provided copies of the publicly disclosed CIA, Russian FSB and British GCHQ spy manuals (acquired by The Intercept, Town Hall, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, etc.) which detail the “how-to” instructions for the exact same, verbatim, methods and tactics that were deployed against the victims of these crimes as part of the proof that these methods are commonly used as “vengeance tools” by corrupt senior U.S. officials.

While officials once mocked the Victims with the derisive name-calling of “Conspiracy theorists”, the “theories” have been proven by Congress to have been facts, the Snowden Leaks, DNC Leaks, Panama Papers Leaks, Swiss Papers, Wikileaks and FBI Text leaks have proven the conspiracy to have been far more real, and to have inarguably existed, with more proven evidence than almost any other crime of corruption. Over 120 public officials have now been fired because of their involvement in these corruptions and many more terminations are expected!

The matter is neither complex nor “incomprehensible to normal people”: “Criminal parties took money from taxpayer financed resources and then attacked those who they wished to attack using taxpayer financed resources.”

Victims have properly reported the crimes, (at the request of GAO, FBI, SEC, Congress and others) since 2007 and have sought reparations and justice since 2007. Compromised U.S. Government and California government officials have provided nothing but illegal and illicit attacks, stonewalling and lies in an attempt to cover-up and revenge-tactic their insider trading and crony payola crimes using taxpayer resources.

Victims gave the government a decade of opportunity to fix what they did to damage Victims. Government officials chose to stone-wall, increase the attacks and to offer no solutions. That Statutes-of-Limitations have not lapsed because 1.) Government officials blockaded Victims attempts to sue and to acquire legal resources, 2.) the attacks have continued to occur as recently as yesterday, 3.) vast documentation exists proving that Victims did attempt to execute their legal rights but were blockaded by Government officials, and other tort facts...

All of the spy community “dirty tricks” and Richard Nixon-esque “rat-fucking” technologies (Per Wikipedia) and their Harvey Weinstein-like character assassination services have been disclosed in the press. The world can now see the malicious tricks that government offices were willing to stoop to for political fanaticism and stock market insider trading manipulations designed to give their crony Cartel massive illicit profit windfalls.

Is it, as the Treasury Department says, “unjust gain” for government executives to abuse voters in order to profiteer and swindle taxpayer funds? YES!

Victims are associated with NO political party, YET their filings for recovery have suffered malicious delays, stone-walling and other POLITICAL reprisal actions by State and Federal employees since 2007 when Victims were a federal witness for a law enforcement investigation involving corruption in the U.S. Department of Energy. The various victims economic disabling factors were caused by the actions of State and Federal employees and the elected officials to whom they reported. Victims have slept in your homes, had dinner with you, dated your staff and were once called “your friends” but when Victims said “no” to the request to participate in these crimes Senators, State officials and Federal agency executives turned on Victims like “dogs at a pig farm!” These were not mere obscure taxpayers who felt slighted. They were the personal friends, business peers and associates of the most powerful people in the nation. They saw crimes, they reported crimes and they were criminally attacked using taxpayer-financed "dirty tricks resources" in retribution.

These are individual claims by individual domestic, natural-born U.S. citizen persons for reparations for massive damages inflicted against them including the blockading of their individual natural born-citizen legal rights by vastly resourced and corrupt parties. The Victims have been blockaded from receiving legal help, their human rights, their Constitutional rights and their adequate access to legal representation. New York, California and Federal Agencies have taken aggressive and malicious steps to stone-wall any and all help for these person’s because their evidence proves crimes by New York, California and Federal Agency senior officers.

The attacks that State and Federal officials engaged in, and/or supported and/or financed include:

  • DOE solicited the victims with false promises and caused them to expend millions of dollars and years of their time for projects which DOE had covertly promised to their friends and were using the victims as a “smokescreen” to cover their illegal DOE slush-fund for the victims competitors and personal enemies.

  • Social Security, SSI, SDI, Disability and other earned benefits were stone-walled. Applications were “lost”. Files in the application process “disappeared”. Lois Lerner hard drive “incidents” took place in order to seek to hide information and run cover-ups.

  • DOE’s Jonathan Silver, Lachlan Seward and Steven Chu contacted members of the National Venture Capital association (NVCA) and created national “black-lists” to blockade Victims from ever receiving investor funding. This was also confirmed in a widely published disclosure by Tesla Motors Daryl Siry and in published testimony.

  • FOIA requests were hidden, frozen, stone-walled, delayed, lied about and only partially responded to in order to seek to hide information and run cover-ups.

  • State and federal employees played an endless game of Catch-22 by arbitrarily determining that deadlines had passed that they, the government officials, had stonewalled and obfuscated applications for, in order to force these deadlines that they set, to appear to be missed.

  • Some Victims found themselves strangely poisoned, not unlike the Alexander Litvenko case. Heavy metals and toxic materials were found right after their work with the Department of Energy weapons and energy facilities. Many wonder if these “targets” were intentionally exposed to toxins in retribution for their testimony. The federal MSDS documents clearly show that a number of these people were exposed to deadly compounds and radiations, via DOE, without being provided with proper HazMat suits which DOE officials knew were required.

  • Victims employers were called, and faxed, and ordered to fire Victims from their places of employment, in the middle of the day, with no notice, as a retribution tactic.

  • On orders from Obama White House officials, DNC-financed Google, YouTube, Gawker Media and Gizmodo Media produced attack articles and defamation videos and locked them on the internet on the top line, of the front page of all Google searches for a decade in front of 7.5 billion people, around the world, at a cost of over $40 million dollars in server farms, production costs and internet rigging. The forensic data acquired from this attack proved that Google rigs attacks against individuals on the internet and that all of Google’s “impressions” are manually controlled by Google’s executives who are also the main financiers and policy directors of the Obama Administration. This data was provided to the European Union for it’s ongoing prosecution of Google’s political manipulation of public perceptions.

  • Victims HR and employment records, on recruiting and hiring databases, were embedded with negative keywords in order to prevent them from gaining future employment.

  • Our associates: Gary D. Conley, Seth Rich, Rajeev Motwani and over 30 other whistle-blowers in this matter, turned up dead under strange circumstances. They are not alone in a series of bizarre deaths related to the DOE investiagtions.

  • Disability and VA complaint hearings and benefits were frozen, delayed, denied or subjected to lost records and "missing hard drives" as in the Lois Lerner case.

  • Paypal and other on-line payments for on-line sales were delayed, hidden, or re-directed in order to terminate income potential for Victims who competed with DOE interests and holdings.

  • DNS redirection, website spoofing which sent Victims websites to dead ends and other Internet activity manipulations were conducted. All commercial storefronts and on-line sales attempts by Victims, had their sites hidden, or search engine de-linked by an massively resourced facility in order to terminate revenue potentials for those victims.

  • Over 50,000 trolls, shills, botnets and synth-blog deployments were deployed to place defamatory statements and disinformation about victims in front of 7.5 billion people around the world on the internet in order to seek to damage their federal testimony credibility by a massively resourced facility.

  • Campaign finance dirty tricks contractors IN-Q-Tel, Think Progress, Black Cube, Podesta Group, Stratfor, Fusion GPS, IN-Q-Tel, Media Matters, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Syd Blumenthal, etc., were hired by DOE Executives and their campaign financiers to attack Victims who competed with DOE executives stocks and personal assets.

  • Covert DOE partner: Google, transfered large sums of cash to dirty tricks contractors and then manually locked the media portion of the attacks into the top lines of the top pages of all Google searches globally, for years, with hidden embedded codes in the links and web-pages which multiplied the attacks on Victims by many magnitudes.

  • Honeytraps and moles were employed by the attackers. In this tactic, people who covertly worked for the attackers were employed to approach the “target” in order to spy on and misdirect the subject.

  • Mortgage and rental applications had red flags added to them in databases to prevent the targets from getting homes or apartments.

  • McCarthy-Era "Black-lists" were created and employed against Victims who competed with DOE executives and their campaign financiers to prevent them from funding and future employment.

  • Targets were very carefully placed in a position of not being able to get jobs, unemployment benefits, disability benefits or acquire any possible sources of income. The retribution tactics were audacious, overt..and quite illegal.

  • CIA-class resources were used to hack, bot, back-door and domestically spy on Victims for no crime and for political vendetta reprisal.

  • The following is the actual photo-copied text from only one of over 40 state-sponsored “DIRTY TRICKS MANUALS”, acquired by our investigators, which detail the hundreds of additional methods and illicit attack procedures used by state-sponsored U.S. public officials (identified by name in previously supplied FBI and GAO reports) against Applicant and his peers:




Federal law enforcement, the United States Congress and the highest level investigators in the U.S., and abroad, have documented (per the “FISA Memo”, Congressional Reports and federal employee testimony) and proven the fact that the Obama Administration regularly engaged in the operation of retribution, vendetta and reprisal campaigns known as “hit-jobs” against domestic natural born U.S. citizen domestic taxpayers. The Federal Court, in at least one previous court case, has ruled that Victims, in this particular matter, were the victims and target of a number of these attacks designed to inflict permanent medical, emotional, character assassination, brand negation, economic and career damage.

State and Federal officials attacked and destroyed Victims lives and careers simply because Victims said “yes”, as Americans, to the request to participate in a government program and because Victims came up with better technologies that Senator-owned competitors weren’t clever enough to come up with on their own.

Government officials engaged in state-sponsored illegal retribution via State and Federal agencies because the Victims were federal witnesses in a law enforcement and Congressional investigations of Obama Administration executives and financiers and because Victims were also an effective business competitor to those parties. Victims federally sponsored technology products obsoleted the technologies of the financiers of the Obama Administration in Silicon Valley which the Obama Administration owned the stock for on various stock market exchanges. These Administration financiers and their White House and Energy Department staff, who were shareholders in the competing technologies, were unable to compete so they chose to cheat and sabotage.

Their motto of “Why compete when you can cheat” is echoed by their leaked emails describing the political wonks intent to form a “Mafia” to controls things to their advantage.

The methods, tactics, techniques, methodologies and history-of-use of these political attack methods have been documented in the Snowden and Wikileaks to have been developed by the CIA and Russian FSB and then migrated to use against domestic citizens.

Stratfor, Black Cube, Fusion GPS, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Google, Think Progress, Media Matters and In-Q-Tel are some of the contractors that accepted government funds to engage in these attacks against Victims, and their peers, as documented in FBI, Congressional, FISA Court oversight reports and investigative news reports. Victims have sued some of these parties, in the U.S. Courts, in the past and helped to expose their illicit reprisal deeds. Millions of pages of documents have been provided to Congress, proving these facts, and those documents are also available to those parties reviewing this statement in order to prove the veracity of the assertions in this statement.

The elected officials that attacked Victims made hundreds of millions of dollars via illicit insider trading using their Goldman Sachs, and other investment bank accounts, and their ownerships of Victims competitors. Those elected officials made laws and government policies in order to exclusively benefit themselves and their business holdings while those same laws were used to harm Victims. Recent federal investigations prove that each public official was being paid $170,000.00 maximum per year but they pocketed an average of $84,000,000.00 in those same years off of stock market insider trades in Victims competitors. How can any fair analysis draw any other conclusion from this fact than the ruling that Victims had a “hit job” operated against them by State and Federal officials. If this, alone, were not enough evidence, there is much more, as follows.

Charting this out is “Forensics 101”, that any child could figure out.

Here is one of the key processes under which these crimes were operated:

1. Senator gets bribe from Company X.

2. Senator’s spouse or daughter buys covert stock in Company X and the suppliers of Company X via Goldman Sachs, et al.

2. Senator makes law or exclusive ruling to give Company X exclusive cash and taxpayer resources.

3. Company X makes “campaign contribution” to Senator as a follow-up bribe.

4. Company X has Goldman Sachs use free government cash to “pump-and-dump” Company X stocks which Senator, Governor, DOE and Obama staff covertly own. Senator, DOE execs and Obama execs make billions in windfall profits via Google’s PR hype of the stock. (Of course, none of this is reported to the FEC and the SEC)

5. Senator and DOE staff black-list and sabotage Company X competitors from receiving the same benefits or competing with Company X.

6. As soon as the crooks get all of their skims, they bankrupt Company X and make even more profits off of the dead Company X by filing “Tax Loss” filings and take another windfall.

7. DOE, IG, FBI and DOJ refuse to investigate the crime and run cover-ups because some of their bosses own stock in Company X and the suppliers of Company X.

8. Wash, Rinse Repeat and they go out and do it all over again.

The Victims suffered an illicit government sponsored attack which caused a number of permanent damages to Victims. These attacks were designed to permanently damage Victims ability to work and to enjoy life and to blockade them from receiving fair and adequate legal protection or their Constitutional rights. This attack was conducted as a retribution, vendetta and reprisal campaign by government officials. The attackers either own an interest in, or control the contracts for, almost all of the major law firms who might have been able to sue the attackers on Victims behalf. Law firms were warned, or threatened, that they would be black-listed and lose lucrative contracts if they helped Victims sue for their rights.

As representatives of the government which Victims pay for, the current government officials owe Victims reparations, damages offsets and full benefits approval.

A recent third-party investigative report shows that State and Federal officials reviewing Victims case are compromised by political ideological mnemonics. How can those officials even remotely pretend to not be working against Victims, or pretend to not be biased against Victims when the Obama White House spent over $30 Million dollars attacking Victims and Victims companies; as reported in major news, Congressional and IG reports.

The United States Department of Energy Inspector General, The FBI and the Pentagon’s Inspector General are now investigating over one thousand retaliation, reprisal and vendetta attacks against those who reported corruption during the Obama Administration as documented at the repository at and other sites. The U.S. Federal Court has ruled, in Victims other federal court cases, that the Victims “were the victims of pa olitical corruption payback campaign operated by government employees…” ; Per official published government reports including: "ASSESSING THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY LOAN GUARANTEE PROGRAM", VERONIQUE DE RUGY - MERCATUS CENTER AT GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY; The Multiple GAO investigation reports on the DOE from 2007 forward; and this Congressional indictment of the corruption and reprisals Victims experienced:


As of this date, the most senior members of the FBI have been terminated and/or placed under investigation for covering-up this matter. The United States Congress has issued numerous final reports charging government employees with heinous crimes of corruption in this matter. Top government executives have been charged with “Contempt of Congress” in this matter and over 300 government employs have been fired or forced into ouster because of this matter. Over 100,000 published news reports have documented these crimes and corruption activities.





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