Our Team has provided decades of service to country, community and innovative problem-solving.

Contract our Team for your next big challenge!

Anybody can hire an engineer from some HR firm but nobody can hire our creativity, pre-emptive solution design and novel intellects unless they hire us!

We can see the challenges that you don't even know are coming. We fix them before they get to you and build the future with you as our partner.

Give us a budget, an impossible challenge and a deadline and we will deliver what nobody else can!


- Project and Program Management
- Product Design and Development
- Innovation and Conceptual Block-Busting

We can:

  • Launch your start-up
  • Invent your next industry-changing product
  • Manage your regional, national or global program
  • Build your prototypes
  • Deliver your digital media program
  • Terminate your competitors
  • Run your campaign
  • Deeply research any subject and resolve challenge-issues
  • Hybridize novel technologies
  • Run diverse impact development teams


  • Hire Teams from 1 to 6000 of our experts
  • Direct, White Label, OEM, Investment and JV relationship contracting
  • Patent and trade secret technologies can be licensed directly or stealthed for you under another entity
  • Protected market and field testing
  • Two generations of thousands of the brightest creative and technical talent


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